balloon garlands

Our premium balloon garlands are made from 100% biodegradable latex balloons. We work hard to create custom colors for you that perfectly match the colors and style of your event.

Sizes: From 8 clusters (each cluster 30cm)

Price: from €200

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Moongate with garland

Our Moongate is the perfect photo backdrop for your event. The Moongate is always adorned with a high-quality balloon garland that can be customized in style and size to suit your event.

The Moongate is 1.8 m high

Price: from €260

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Greet your guests with an elegant gold easel adorned with a premium balloon garland and custom gold leaf plaque. On request, we will also be happy to create an individual flower arrangement to enhance the easel.

The easel is 1.6 m high without balloons.

Price: from €325

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Mini Moongate

Our Mini Moongate is the perfect addition to your booking. With balloons to suit your event, it's the ideal piece to place behind your cake to give it an extra touch of flair. Flowers can be added upon request and are included in the price.

Mini Moongate stands 100cm tall

Price: from €105

*Only available as an additional item

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Our sail boards are the easiest way to make a big statement at your event. Each sailboard is painted to perfectly match the aesthetic of your event. We can apply a custom vinyl or acrylic sign, as well as neon lettering.

Add a 1.5m sail board to your garland for €50

Add a 1.8m sailboard to your garland for €60

Add both to your garland for €100

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Our custom painted podiums are perfect for adding the finishing touch to your event. They are ideal for presenting cakes and other exhibits.

60 cm pedestal - €40

75 cm pedestal - €60

90 cm pedestal - €80

2 Pedestal Bundles - €90 - €120

3 Pedestal Bundles - €150

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